Building teams one song at a time.

A teambuilding that will move you.

MSP offers a variety of teambuilding programs in arts and music that stimulate creativity and team synergy. And believe us when we tell you, NO TALENT OR MUSICAL EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED!


MSP brought a unique touch of originality to our conference [...] by allowing participants to go beyond themselves.


It is a daring and creative exercise of harmonization that brings teams together.


We felt the power of group singing on all the participants [...] it gave us goosebumps.


A company theme song written by and for the employees is avant-garde and full of common sense.


A truly amazing Team Building activity!

Programs designed for small groups and large conferences.

Our programs will fit perfectly with your team meetings or your events. They are also fully customizable to accommodate your group size and your activity theme.

Why try MSP teambuilding?

1 . MSP programs: A winning teambuilding formula.


2 . Everybody loves arts and music, who doesn’t!



MSP programs: A winning teambuilding formula.
You don't need to be an artist or an extrovert.

You don’t need to be an artist or an extrovert. Our customers are often impressed with the high level of participation and engagement that we get with our programs. Everyone identifies with music and arts, no talent is needed.

From 10 to 1 000+ participants, from 30 minutes to an entire day.

From 10 to 1 000+ participants, from thirty-minute events to a whole day. We have built our programs for an interactive experience that accommodates groups of all sizes. We are here to work with you so we can add value to your event and meet your objectives.

We have the right program for you.

Our events include programs where teams are divided into several groups as well as programs designed to work with all participants in one large group.

Take away powerful keynotes and immortalize your event.

Take away powerful keynotes about your company and your employees. Immortalize your event by creating your company theme song with lyrics and catchy melodies that are memorable and that represent what you do and who you are as an organisation.

Everybody loves arts and music, who doesn't!
Music and art...a universal language.

Music and art are a universal language. Even if you don’t have a musical talent or an innate talent for the arts, they remain key elements in everyone’s life. They help us communicate, build relationships and most importantly have fun. We are here to help you bring out the artist and the music that lives in every single one of us!

A competent team that will guide you through the process.

We are true professionals in the arts and music domains. Our team is not only talented and entertaining, but we also guide groups in a seamless manner. We are here to guide you through the process so you feel you’re in good hands. We start with a simple conversation followed by a brainstorming session for lyrics writing and continue on with the melody and interpretation. With a creative process such as this one, everyone is sure to be proud to sing together and have a good time!

We collaborate with you for a customized event.

Our customers include companies interested in teambuilding activities, non-profit organisations and conferences. We work closely with you to personnalise your event so it reflects your ideas and objectives.  We encourage innovation and we are here to help you succeed.

The MSP team...truly renowned artists.

Our team is composed of singers-songwriters, choreographers, painters and videographers. Our artists have written and launched successful albums, some have toured internationally, have shared the stage with Elton John, Cindy Lauper and Jeff Beck and have collaborated with local artists such as Nanette Workman, Jonas and Guy Bélanger.

We co-create with you and your team so we can turn blank canvases into finished masterpieces that represent you. We truly believe that we will help you go beyond your comfort zone and that together, we can succeed in creating wonderful art and music.

Discover our

Watch your team sing a song they all love while we coach them through it and produce/record their track with our mobile studio. A guaranteed fun and entertaining corporate team building activity.


Re-write the lyrics of your team favorite song to represent your group values & mission and record it live with our mobile studio. An excellent corporate team building activity stimulating creativity and innovation.

Company Theme Song.

Why not have your employees write your own company theme song? Our music professionals will coach you in the process so you can share it with the world! A unique corporate team building activity everyone will be proud of.

Conference Icebreaker.

Conference icebreakers are very important for a successful event. This program is a crowd pleaser. It creates a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for your participants that will help make your conference a huge success.


For an office party, a networking event, fundraiser or any other celebration, immortalize your event with the RED CARPET package. Red carpet photos, live acoustic duo band and a musical animation with your guests / employees. Discover this package here!