Personal Release

A child under my care, or myself, is participating in an upcoming recreational activity of song recording offered by Sona Group Inc., also doing business as MSP Teambuilding (“MSP Teambuilding”). On this occasion, photographs as well as audio and video recordings of myself or of the child under my care will be taken (the “Captures”). We assure you that under no circumstances will MSP Teambuilding use or communicate the Captures without your consent, which can be hereby given. In the event that you do not sign this personal release form, MSP Teambuilding will destroy the Captures without keeping any copies, other than for archive purposes.

YES I hereby authorize MSP Teambuilding, its representatives, successors, agents, affiliates, related companies, licensees and assignees (hereinafter collectively “MSP”) to communicate my image and my likeness or the recordings of my voice (or of my child’s voice) appearing on such Captures (hereinafter “Image and Likeness”) to the party organizer. I understand that the party organizer is not affiliated with MSP Teambuilding, and that MSP Teambuilding cannot be held liable for the use the party organizer could make of the Captures, including, but not limited to, the sharing or publishing of the Captures on the Internet.

Moreover, I hereby irrevocably grant to MSP the right to edit and combine and make unrestricted use or reproduction of my Image and Likeness, in whole or in part, with other photographs, video footage, recorded or printed materials, juxtapose any part of my Image and Likeness with other photographs, video footage, recorded or printed materials for the purpose of promoting, advertising and publicizing their services offered by MSP on the following platforms:

• MSP’s website:

• MSP’s social media pages:

• MSP’s advertisements

I hereby agree that the foregoing are granted free of charge and I renounce to any compensation. I hereby release and discharge MSP from any and all claims, demands or cause of action that would arise from or be related to the use of the Image and Likeness or of any Captures.

In the event that the participant in the MSP Teambuilding event is a person under the age of majority, I hereby represent that I am parent (guardian) of such minor and that the grants and release contained herein are applicable for such minor.

I have read and understand the meaning of this release.

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