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G500 Mon Studio Party

Conference Icebreaker

DURATION: 30 minutes

The perfect crowd pleaser

Conference icebreakers are very important for a successful event. This program is a true crowd pleaser. It creates a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for your participants that will help make your conference a huge success. And no pressure, no talent is needed!

Music to connect and engage!

Our conference icebreaker program will get everyone going and draw them in, creating an energized and engaged atmosphere that will ensure your event stands out.

This extraordinary experience will inspire your participants as they perform together as a crowd a song that represents your conference theme.

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Product Description

The Conference Icebreaker package includes:

  • MSP red carpet and backdrop set-up on your conference stage.
  • A short and fun introduction about your conference theme
  • Engaging your audience in a live studio recording experience
  • Renowned team of professional music animators, singers-songwriters and musicians. The package includes a team of 2 or 3: a dynamic singer-songwriter/animator and studio engineer
  • Final mix of the recording
  • Password secured website page to download the song and share it on your conference website or other.


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