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DURATION: 1h30-2 hours

A Songwriting Musical Team Building that boosts your team creativity

The Songwriting package is a fun musical team building that challenges your team into re-writing song lyrics to a popular song of your choice. An excellent way to practise team work and discover everyone’s hidden songwriting talent. No hierarchy, no competition, just pure team bonding. And no pressure, no talent is needed!

Everyone dresses up with our Rock Star accessories, walks the red carpet and takes photos of each other as they unwind and get ready for the songwriting session. We first determine the context of the new lyrics such as your company mission, values or your team strengths, etc. Everyone is then split into groups so we can focus on lyrics ideas, words, rhymes. The song is finally put together as a team with a live brainstorming session that simulates creativity and innovation. Our singer-songwriter-animator will then teach everyone about studio recording and vocal warm-ups. Your team is now ready to record their song with the new lyrics version.

Your team interprets the song new version as we record you LIVE!

Our dynamic singer-songwriter-animator will help your team put together the song structure ‘We are the world‘ style! The song is broken down into verses and choruses and they choose who does a solo or who sings together on which part of the song. The final result is a revamped version of a known song produced and performed by your team. We will create the final mixed version in our studio so you can share it with the world!

The songwriting musical team building package is an excellent way for your team to apply their creative skills in a different context and adapt to a challenging task. This package is sure to bring your team together as they listen to the final result. An exceptional way to celebrate team synergy on record, literally!


The Songwriting Musical Team Building package starts at 750$ and includes 10 people. We can accommodate different group sizes and will customize the package to fit your needs.

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Product Description

The Songwriting Musical Team Building package includes:

  • Rock Star accessories including hats, sunglasses, caps, bandanas, bracelets, chains, boas, necklaces, etc.
  • MSP red carpet and backdrop set-up at your office or venue for everyone to pose and snap photos of each other. Please note, you can add a photoshoot to include all your musical team building photos. See above contact form.
  • Vocal coaching and warm-up
  • Your team re-writing the lyrics of a popular song assisted by our team singer-songwriter
  • Studio recording of the song featuring your team singing and producing their own version of the vocal track
  • Renowned team of professional music animators, singers-songwriters and musicians. The package includes a team of 2: dynamic animator/singer and studio engineer
  • Recorded song mixed in our recording studio
  • Password secured website page to download song mix to share with your team.

Let it be from The Beatles (modified version as ‘Let it ring’)

2 reviews for Songwriting

  1. 5 out of 5

    Great team building exercise! Thanks again!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Great team building exercise! Thanks Claire Hayek

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